Competitive Returns

Get 8-15% on your capital by spreading your loan in many mortgages. 

Lend with Purpose

Make your assets profitable while helping to build a better future for second mortgage borrowers.

Diversify Successfully

Share your mortgages in multiple projects to minimize risk and maximize return of interest.

A new way to lend

Historically, only banks, large institutions and wealthy investors could place their capital in mortgage loan. With Club Pret, you get access to innovative and profitable ways to increase your profits on your capital.


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Diversification is key

Instead of lending your money to only one borrower, Club Pret allows you to break it into several mortgages. By diversifying your money into several second mortgages, you can diversify your portfolio and reduce the impact of a lost mortgage loan. By lending only $10,000, it is possible to cover up to 2 mortgages.

The new way to lend 

A bank of eligible 

Match all the Club Pret criteria
Each loan is broken down in several mortgages
Interest rate set according to a risk assessment grid

Choose your
mortgage borrowers

Selection of Mortgages ranging from 5000$ to 10000$ each
Your loan money is deposited in a lawyer or a notary trust account
The notary or lawyer deposits the money directly in the borrower's bank account

Expert return 
of 8-15%

The borrower repays trough the trust account
The borrower's money is transfered by a notary or a lawyer to your bank account
Lenders receive capital and interest monthly or interest only if capital is reimburse in 1 or 2 years maximum as borrowers make payments on their loans.  

Innovation makes it possible

Club Pret is an online platform that connects lenders and borrowers without intermediaries based on the concept of "peer to peer" or "equal to equals". Club Pret selects borrowers seeking a second mortgage on their property on the basis of rigorous eligibility criteria, including the ability to repay. Once the mortgage projects have been selected by the lender, the lender's capital goes directly to the borrower through the notary or attorney assigned to the file. It is the same with the payments of capital and interest.

Safe and low risk mortgage loans

We offer low-risk loans to lenders. Club Pret is a bank of borrowers looking for a second mortgage on their property with an average value ranging from 10000$ to 50000$. Several criteria are considered before accepting a project, the first of which is the ability of the borrower to repay the loan. The limit of 5000$ to 10000$ per mortgage reduces risk among projects meeting our rigorous selection criteria.

How Club Pret finances its operations ?

Club Pret generates substantial savings by connecting lenders and borrowers directly through its Internet platform. The savings generated allow Club Pret to finance its operations by taking only 2-3% of the interest paid by the borrowers. Above all, they offer a net return of 6-12% for lenders. 
Moreover, this 2-3% finances a multidisciplinary team of experienced experts who take care of everything!

This talented team includes lawyers, notaries, mortgage brokers, appraisers and Internet specialists.