Become a private mortgage lender

Frustrated to see that your investments do not earn you anything? Frustrated to see that the return on your investments is so low that you are getting poorer? Make the necessary arrangements to make your money earn money!

Simplifying your life: The Club Pret commitment

Simplify the process

Just register to start lending. Club Pret trusts you to decide for yourself how you want to lend your money.

Simplify procedures

Club Pret uses state-of-the-art technologies to operate an online platform with lower transaction costs than a traditional institution. This allows us to transfer savings to borrowers through lower interest rates and to lenders by offering higher returns. Lenders and borrowers are therefore happy and more prosperous than with traditional institutions.

Simplify loan

Lenders have access to a multitude of second mortgage borrowers to compose their portfolio. Indeed, our criteria are strict in order to offer better returns to lenders.

READY TO select borrowers?   


We offer an all-inclusive service

We take care of everything. Your loan is deposited in a trust account owned by a lawyer or a notary. No second mortgage loan will be given to a borrower without your consent. Each transaction is notarized.

An innovative service in Quebec

An innovative service only in Quebec

A new way to lend

Previously, only banks and large institutions could invest sums in second mortgage credit. 
 With Club Pret, you get access to innovative and profitable ways to increase your profits on your capital. 
Diversify your portfolio and see your second mortgage loans grow.